About us

Hi everybody,

Basically we are an international shipping and forwarding company from south India from 2010. Here we are handling more than hundred personal shipments per day. Based on our existing overseas Indian customer requirements and needs of those who are living outside of India we have started new shipping site especially for Indian people living abroad.

You can purchase in any Indian e-commerce sites and we can deliver to you. We can ship from India to any where globally. We combine multiple purchases in to one consolidated parcel, saving you big bucks on international shipping charges. There are up to 10 free ecommerce purchases.

Apart from this, we also purchase Indian Groceries & Sweets from branded stores for you and deliver them right at your door step, anywhere across the globe. 

Organic & In-organic Groceries

Sweets & Savouries

We will order for you in branded leading Indian shops and bring it to your door step. You can pay at actual price in Indian rupees. We can connect your overseas shipment through Fedex, DHL and UPS . Purchase tips and banned items list and do’s & dont’s for your reference. As based on our experience we are trying to deliver smiles to last miles with a proper way.

Organic & In-Organic Groceries

In this pandemic situation most of the overseas Indian people are suffering to get groceries like dals, ready mix masalas and etc. We are going to buy foods items for you from India to ship it to your door step at Indian price. We suggest that you contact your local customs office to inquire if food can be imported to your country, as it is often restricted. You can either order in this website or contact us.

We can buy at leading shops in India. Product price mentioned in our website is only approximate for your perusal to estimate total payment in advance.Every thing is based on Indian price. Click here to purchase Groceries

You pay for what we purchase .. We will communicate with original bill for your reference. Then we ship it from India to where you live. If you want to buy groceries from amazon & bigbasket also acceptable.

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Sweets & Savouries

We have a separate team to handle sweets & savouries order as per your wish from the listed items. We have mentioned the approx cost for your reference and estimate for payment in advance. Once we receive your order we will seperately purchase your order and ship it to your door step.

We order from leading sweets shops like Adayar Anandha Bhavan, Anandhas, Sree Krishna Sweets, Sree Annapoorna Sweets, A1 Brand Chips and etc.. Once we get the order confirmation we start our process and we will ship within 48 hrs through DHL /FEDEX /UPS. Seperate list attached for sweets and savouries with approx cost. Every thing is based on Indian price. Click here to purchase.