A1 Chips – Dry Mango


Ingredients :-
Raw Mango (Sour Type),Chilli Powder,Turmeric Powder,Sesame Oil,Asafoetida Powder,Mustard Seeds,Methi Seeds,
& Salt as Required.

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Instant Mango Pickle Recipe is a spicy relish consisting of raw mango soaked in salt and chilli powder mixed with other whole spices. This tangy tantalizer has a magical effect on us even at the very mention of its name. As India is one of the greatest producers of mangoes, Indians use mangoes in various forms and mango pickle is one of the exemplary examples regarding the versatility of mango based foods in the country. Instant mango pickle is the evergreen Indian meal accompaniment that has been used by all classes of people throughout the year and this instant mango pickle is a mini wonder.

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