Sree Anandhas – Sattur Sev


besan flour,rice flour,chilli powder or pepper,3 garlic pods,cumin seeds & salt

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Karasev is a spicy Indian snack recipes which can be made for Diwali, kara means spicy in Tamil. Kara Sev is very famous in Sattur. Sattur Karasev recipe is bit spicy and also used poondu as the main ingredients. This kara sev doesn’t call for more rice flour because the kadalai maavu , plays an important role and it also a main reason to add poondu in the recipe(poondu Karasev recipe). I have shared the 2 methods of making the Karasev. The first one is how to make kara sev using the murukku mold and the send one is using the traditional laddle method, both methods are easy.

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